WP Telegram (Publicacions automàtiques i notificacions)


Connecta el teu lloc web de WordPress amb Telegram amb un control total.

Excel·lent suport EN DIRECTE a Telegram

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Tenim un grup públic a Telegram per ajudar a configurar l’extensió, discutir errors, caracterísitiques, traduccions, etc. Uneix-te a @WPTelegramChat
Llegeix les normes al missatge de capçalera. Si us plau, no facis spam.

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1. Publica a Telegram

  • 📝 Envia publicacions a Telegram automàticament quan es publiquen o s’actualitzen
  • 📢 Pots enviar a un canal, grup, supergrup o conversa privada de Telegram
  • 👥 Suporta múltiples canals/xats
  • 🙂 Editor de plantilles de missatge amb emojis
  • ⏳ Supports Conditional logic inside Message Template
  • 🖼 Suporta l’enviament de la imatge destacada juntament amb el text
  • 🏞 Es pot triar enviar o no la imatge destacada
  • ⏱ Suport per a publicacions programades (futures)
  • 🕰 Es pot afegir un retard a l’enviament dels missatges
  • ⬜️ Pots afegir un botó en línia per enllaçar amb la publicació mitjançant la URL
  • 🛒 Suporta productes de WooCommerce i altres tipus de publicació personalitzats
  • ✒️ Suporta directament l’enviament de camps personalitzats
  • 🗃 Pots enviar termes de taxonomia personalitzats
  • 📋 Pots triar quins tipus de publicació s’han d’enviar
  • ⏲ Pots triar quan enviar (Publicacions noves i/o existents)
  • 🎛 Utilitza normes personalitzades per filtrar publicacions per autors, categories, tags, formats de publicació o termes de taxonomia personalitzats
  • 🎚 Pots sobreescriure els ajustaments per defecte a la pàgina d’edició de publicacions

WP Telegram Pro supports multiple channels based upon category/tag/author/post type etc. and also supports unlimited Reaction buttons.

2. Notifications privades

  • 📧 Rep notificacions d’e-mail a Telegram
  • 🔔 Supports WooCommerce order notifications, Contact Form 7 and other plugin notifications
  • 🔕 Permet que els usuaris rebin notificacions d’e-mail a Telegram
  • 🔐 Integrat amb WP Telegram Login per permetre als usuaris connectar amb el seu Telegram.
  • 🖊 Els usuaris poden escriure el seu Chat ID de Telegram manualment

3. Proxy

  • 🚫 Pots usar aquest mòdul si el teu host bloqueja Telegram
  • ✅ Evita la prohibició de Telegram mitjançant un proxy
  • 🚀 Supports Cloudflare worker as proxy which supports file upload
  • 😍 Ús personalitzat de Google Script com a proxy
  • ❇️ Suporta els tipus de proxy suportats amb PHP
  • 🔛 Selecció del tipus de proxy – HTTP, SOCKS4, SOCKS4A, SOCKS5, SOCKS5_HOSTNAME


  • Suport excel·lent en directe a Telegram
  • Fàcil d’instal·lar i configurar
  • Totalment personalitzable amb accions i filtres
  • Es pot estendre amb codi personalitzat
  • Preparat per ser traduït

Getting Started | Post to Telegram

WooCommerce, CF7 etc. Notifications

Mantén-te en contacte

Development occurs on Github, and all contributions welcome.


Moltes gràcies als traductors pel seu gran treball!

Nota: Pots contribuir a traduir aquesta extensió al teu idioma. Uneix-te a la Conversa (més amunt)


  • Ajustaments bàsics
  • Post To Telegram Settings
  • Post To Telegram Settings (Cont...)
  • Post To Telegram Settings (Cont...)
  • Post To Telegram Settings (Cont...)
  • Private Notifications Settings
  • Private Notifications Settings (Cont...)
  • Ajustaments de proxy
  • Ajustaments de proxy (Cont...)
  • Ajustaments avançats
  • Post Edit Page (Classic Editor)
  • Post Edit Page (Block Editor)
  • Post Edit Page (Block Editor)


  1. Puja la carpeta wptelegram a la carpeta /wp-content/plugins/
  2. Activa l’extensió a partir del menú d’extensions de WordPress. Després de l’activació, hauries de veure el menú d’aquesta extensió al tauler d’administració
  3. Configura l’extensió



How to create a Telegram Bot?

To create a bot, you need to send /newbot command to @BotFather. After completing the steps @BotFather will provide you the Bot Token, which you can use in plugin settings.

Can I send posts to a private channel/group?

Yes, you need to get the chat ID of the channel or group. For that, you need to message @MyChatInfoBot and follow its instructions to obtain the ID for a channel or group.

What is “Bad request: Chat ID not found” error?

It means either you have entered a wrong chat ID in the settings or you forgot to add your own bot to the group or channel. Some users also enter the bot username instead of the channel username.

What is “Bad Request: wrong file identifier/HTTP URL specified” error?

If you see that error in Bot API log file, it means that there is some problem with your images/files that you are trying to send to Telegram. You can try to disable Send files by URL option in Ajustaments avançats to see if it fixes the issue. More details here.

Why do I see a CURL (Connection refused) error for Test Token?

If your host is in Russia or Iran or it’s a free hosting, your host most likely blocks Telegram. You can activate and set up the Proxy module of the plugin to bypass the ban.

Why posts are not sent to Telegram?

There can be many reasons for that. To better understand the reason, you can enable both the logs in Ajustaments avançats and then try to send the post again, then share the logs with our support on Telegram – @WPTelegramSupport.

Why the posts in block editor are sent to Telegram even when Send to Telegram is OFF?

It may be because you hit update button without makes any changes to the post.

Why posts are duplicated on Telegram?

It can happen because of multiple submit/publish/update requests, for example in block editor. An easy solution would be to set 1 minute delay in posting in Post to Telegram settings.

Posts/Classifieds/Jobs/Products created via front-end submission are not sent to Telegram, why?

The users submitting those posts may not have enough permissions to publish/edit those posts. You can enable Plugin generated posts option in Post to Telegram settings to fix the issue.

Posts created via import plugins are not sent to Telegram, why?

Sending of posts when bulk importing is disabled by default to prevent unintended flooding of Telegram channels. If you want to enable it, you can add this one line to functions.php of your child theme.

add_filter( 'wptelegram_p2tg_send_if_importing', '__return_true' );

How can I make the post title bold?

You can use <b>{post_title}</b> in the template and set Formatting option to HTML. More details here.

Can I send posts from different categories to different channels/groups?

That is possible only in Pro version.

How do Private Notifications work?

Private Notifications module watches every email that is sent from your WordPress Website. If the address of that email matches the one added in plugin settings, then that email is sent to Telegram on the given chat/group as added in the settings.

How do User Notifications work?

Private Notifications module watches every email that is sent from your WordPress Website. When you enable User Notifications, you need to connect your users’ accounts to their Telegram accounts. Once you do that, then whenever an email is sent to a user, the plugin finds its connected Telegram account and forwards the email to that Telegram account. So, it works for any plugin/system that sends email notifications.

Can I receive WooCommerce order notifications on Telegram?

Yes, all you need to do is to setup Private Notifications module and use the same email there as set in WooCommerce order email settings.

Can I receive Contact Form 7 submissions on Telegram?

Yes, all you need to do is to setup Private Notifications module and use the same email there as set in “To” field of Mail settings section of the Contact Form.


16 de novembre de 2023
I recently had the pleasure of using WP Telegram for my WordPress website, and I must say, it exceeded my expectations on multiple fronts. First and foremost, the customer support provided by WP Telegram is unparalleled. The support team is incredibly responsive and knowledgeable, assisting me promptly with any inquiries I had. What sets them apart is their commitment to resolving issues and providing clear, concise solutions. Their 24/7 availability ensures that you're never left in the dark, making problem-solving a breeze. The plugin itself is a gem. Its extensive range of features impressed me, offering a comprehensive solution for integrating Telegram with my WordPress site. The ease of use and intuitive interface make it accessible for users of all levels, from beginners to seasoned developers. The plugin's versatility allows for seamless integration into various aspects of my site, enhancing user engagement and communication. I highly recommend WP Telegram to anyone looking for a reliable, feature-rich plugin with exceptional customer support. It's a must-have for WordPress users seeking to streamline communication and leverage the power of Telegram. Kudos to the WP Telegram team for creating such a fantastic tool — it has undoubtedly made managing my website much more efficient and enjoyable.
12 de octubre de 2023
WP Telegram is a excelente plugin to automatically share my site posts and products. The support is excelente to and attend all my solicitations. Thank you!
18 de setembre de 2023
Defo a must have plugin, the best Telegram plugin IMO. Works perfectly, great customisation I once had an issue (expired bot token) and support helped me resolve it in a matter of minutes, they were very responsive on their official support telegram channel.
15 de setembre de 2023
I want to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude and admiration for the incredible work you've done with the WP Telegram plugin and the exceptional support you provide to the community. 🤩🚀
16 de agost de 2023
Today I had some difficulties when working with the plugin, and tried to contact the support service. I did not expect such quick help. My problems were solved in a minute. Thank you very much to the support service for your help!And in general, thanks to the developers for their product and everyone involved, well done. If only everyone worked with their product like this.
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  • Added support for <blockquote> tag


  • Fixed the failure of sending posts with large size images


  • Fixed the Yoast Duplicated post not sent to Telegram


  • Fixed translations not loaded for some strings


  • Fixed the dollar sign getting nuked from excerpt
  • Fixed logs to avoid bot token added to URL


  • Improved message template sanitization to prevent breaking the markup
  • Added a new filter wptelegram_p2tg_post_data_plain_excerpt to allow sending plain text excerpt
  • Fixed the links added in parenthesis when “Formatting” is set to “None”


  • Fixed the broken hyperlinks in Message Template when using custom field link


  • Fixed the issue of images being retained in post content links


  • Fixed the issue of shortcodes being sent to Telegram


  • Fixed the unintended newlines in Post Excerpt and Post Content


  • Fixed repeated caption for the image when using the “After the text” option
  • Fixed the issue of long texts being truncated


  • Added support for adding internal note to chat IDs


  • Fixed PHP 8.1 issue with HTML conversion


  • Fixed the word count issue with non-english locales


  • Added better support for HTML formatting.
  • Added support for and HTML tags.
  • Added support for nested tags. You can now use inside and vice versa.
  • Intelligently trim {post_excerpt} to preserve the other parts of Message Template.
  • Removed support for Markdown formatting in favour of better HTML formatting
  • Fixed the image not being sent “After the text” when “Send files by URL” is disabled
  • Fixed the issue of messages not being sent when the markup is not valid